How to Combat Inconsistency in Fitness

Jen Kettlebell Snatch

A couple days ago I received a voicemail from one of my very best buddies who now lives in Indiana. We have frequent conversations about fitness. The biggest question he always comes back to is “how can I stay consistent in a workout regimen.” His biggest problem is not having the time to workout on a daily basis. He has started and quit CrossFit at least 5 times and his longest stretch of consistency is about three months. He then falls back on his excuse that he just got too busy. The basic problem is that my buddy is not holding himself accountable. This is a major problem for most that are trying to stay healthy and stay consistent. For those that have that problem, here are a few pieces of advice and services to keep you on track.

I truly believe that you have to treat your workout as a necessary part of your daily routine. It should be placed on your calendar on a daily basis. Your meetings and other work related tasks should be scheduled around the hour you designate to workout. Make it a priority! Also, I find it helps if you can schedule your workout at the same time every day, but that may not be possible for some. In addition, whatever you decide to dive into (CrossFit, Indoor Cycling, Gymnastics Inspired, HIIT, etc.) make sure it’s fun. If it’s not fun, it’s easier for you to fall off into the deep end.

If you’re like my buddy, you may have some motivation issues, which is completely understandable. My suggestion is to leverage one the services below to give you the extra push you need. These apps range from hiring a 1 on 1 coach to an incredibly efficient calorie counter. These services will get you to your goals and allow you to work more efficiently at getting to these goals. Use them alone or in conjunction with one another.

MyFitnessPal – Huge database of nutritional data to help you lose weight.

My Body Tutor – Your own human Body Tutor to help keep you accountable every day. You will have contact with your tutorĀ on a daily basis in order to provide you with guidance and expertise.

Coach Me – Employs coaching, community, and data to help reach your goals. It tracks and analyzes your progress.

Stickk – Put your money where your mouth is. Nothing motivates like money, especially the thought of losing money. This service makes you sign a commitment contract to ensure you follow through with your intentions.

Diet Bet – Again, nothing motivates like money. You join a weight loss game, you lose weight, and if you win you split the pot.

These are great resources and tools to put you on the path to success.