The Day Medical Marijuana Made Me a Believer.

This is not my typical blog post, but I need to tell my readers a short story. Last week my mom and her boyfriend were visiting us in Denver. A couple years ago her boyfriend was diagnosed with Ataxia. The definition of Ataxia is not relevant, the effects are. The largest effect is loss of motor control. This includes speech and bodily movements. The effects are very similar to Parkinson’s. Medication and therapy has had no effect on the aggression of his symptoms. As a result, I started researching marijuana and Parkinson’s. Surprisingly, there are a number of studies showing increased motor function in the Parkinson’s patients that use marijuana.  After researching the studies I met with a few people well-versed in medical marijuana and types that combat Ataxia’s terrible effects. As a disclaimer, I’m no Doctor and don’t hold myself out to be one, what I’m about to say is for informational purposes only. My hope is that others are able to benefit from what I’m going to say.

After meeting with a number of medical marijuana professionals the conclusion was to have my mom’s boyfriend try medical marijuana. The oil was comprised of 50% THC/ 50% CBD, which was based on the symptoms he was combating. Typically, his speech is slurred and is very similar to speech you would exhibit if you were very drunk. The same goes with his ability to walk. His walking is unbalanced and his feet sweep the ground as though he is searching for his next step. Since it was experimental, we weren’t expecting anything dramatic. At best, we were expecting slightly better speech. That’s not what we got. Two minutes after taking the marijuana his speech was crystal clear. I mean crystal. It was as if he sobered up in minutes. We then asked him to walk around the kitchen table. Typically, we need to help him stand from the couch to his feet. This time he was able to stand from the couch and walk around the table, balanced without any foot shuffle.

If you were to tell me that smoking weed would produce results that I just witnessed I would tell you to stop hitting the pipe. After the fact, my mom’s boyfriend said, “this is the first time anything has ever produced a positive result.” Another positive side effect is that he was telling jokes and become more lively. It was an amazing thing to witness. Like I said, my hope is that marijuana produces the same positive effects to those looking for an alternative form of care for other serious illnesses.

Here’s a chart on symptoms and the part of the marijuana plant that combats those symptoms: Cannabis Chart


Geanco Foundation Event In Denver – October 3, 2014


A very dear friend of mine has made it a mission in life to organize medical missions and maternal and infant health programs in Nigeria. They are currently developing a world-class hospital in the country. It’s an amazing charity, led by one of the most intelligent, hard-working individuals on the planet. His family has taken it upon themselves to change the way the people of Nigeria receive medical attention. It’s amazing and if you live in Denver, I encourage you to come to the Denver Event to hear about their mission. It’s free! Hope to see you there!