Interview with Stan Druckenmiller

I typically don’t post anything from mainstream media, but this interview was too good to pass up. CNBC’s Kelly Evans speaks with Stan Druckenmiller about the stock market, tax reform, the Fed’s 2% inflation target, and his stock picks. This year has been a bear for many active managers, including Mr. Druckenmiller. As you’ll hear, if it wasn’t for a few select investments it may have been his first down year in 30 plus years. Check it out, it’s well worth the watch.

Stan Druckenmiller Interview

Interview with Students of “Leadership In New Ventures”

Last week I was interviewed by a University of Colorado student. His assignment was to interview an entrepreneur that was of interest to his group for a class titled, “Leadership in New Ventures.” This is the first time I have been interviewed and recorded for a graduate class. The questions were expansive and interesting. It was a lot of fun. Below you’ll find the entire recording of the interview. We talk about everything from mission statement to leadership to ultimate goals. Hopefully it gives a little insight into an entrepreneurs mindset. Cheers!

Recording – October 2015