Where Can You Find a Good Social Media Marketing Agency?

Online marketing and the companies that provide online marketing strategy will keep seeing their growth expand for years. It’s no secret that online marketing for your business is a necessity rather than a muse. Social media marketing is something that I have done my best to learn and become a pro at. Unfortunately, the time it takes to expand your audience and provide relevant content is extraordinarily time consuming. All small businesses run into a wall and must decide what specific responsibilities you feel comfortable handing off to a trusted partner.  In my case, I searched to find the best firm to “farm out” my social media marketing. Not only has it freed up my time, but it has increased the awareness of my brand significantly.

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to a firm, The Social Guerrillas, that specialize in social media marketing. Specifically, this firm focuses on Twitter and Instagram.  The basis of their service is to provide their clients with a way to increase overall visibility, a way to reach a new target audience, a way to speak to your current fans, and a completely safe way to increase followers. In order to test their product, they give each prospective client a free 5-day trial of their services to show what they can do for your company. Below are the stats for my company’s Instagram account for the 5-day trial that The Social Guerrillas provide. As a side note, these are not related to my wealth management firm. These stats are related to the CrossFit gym I own.

Start Numbers –  135 Followers; 206 Following

09/16/2015: 152 Followers; 195 Following;  85 Follows per day;  98 Unfollows per day;  108 Likes per day
09/17/2015: 234 Followers; 700 Following;  536 Follows per day;  31 Unfollows per day; 547 Likes per day
09/18/2015: 339 Followers; 1234 Following;  535 Follows per day;  1 Unfollows per day; 522 Likes per day
09/19/2015: 437 Followers; 1692 Following; 523 Follows per day; 64 Unfollows per day; 508 Likes per day
09/20/2015: 524 Followers; 1674 Following; 312 Follows per day;  332 Unfollows per day; 497 Likes per day
09/21/2015: 606 Followers; 1673 Following 392 Follows per day; 393 Unfollows per day; 405 Likes per day
;09/22/2015: 660 Followers; 1672 Following; 375 Follows per day; 378 Unfollows per day:  364 Likes per day

Total New Followers 525

If you have any experience with Instagram you know how difficult it is to increase your brand awareness with followers, especially targeted followers. After the 5-day trial I went through my list of followers and those that are following. I found that almost all of the new followers and following are relevant based on popular hashtags related to my industry or relevant based on geographical location. The short amount of time this firm had to create those numbers was staggering to me. It would’ve taken me months to create that kind of following, not to mention being completely absorbed by one responsibility.

In addition to creating a wider more relevant audience The Social Guerrillas will be interacting with followers via direct message in order to provide the most relevant followers with a discount code for memberships and apparel. So, hiring The Social Guerrillas allows me to focus on content and leave the online marketing to the pros. My ROI far exceeds what I pay for the service. It allows me to free up my time and focus on other more important tasks at hand.

I have no economic interest in The Social Guerrillas, but I feel that their service for my company has been so great that I wanted to throw their name out there for others to try. If you’re interested in contacting The Social Guerrillas, I’m happy to give you a direct contact. Just use my contact form on this website and I’ll shoot you an intro email.