Are We On The “Edge of The Cliff”

RealVision recently put together a compilation of answers from some of the best minds in finance regarding serious risks investors will face today and in years to come. There’s a lot of complacency and chest bumping from many investors who feel they are invincible to negative market swings. In this video there’s great insight from Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers, Jesse Felder, and many more. If you’re interested in their take on the bond markets, currency markets, equity markets and how they will be affected by central bank┬ápolicies, this is a gem. Buying the dip and shorting volatility isn’t going to work forever. 2018 may be the start of something…interesting.

Where Can Investors Get Unbiased Financial News Television?

Ever since I started watching the markets in the late 90’s, I was always skeptical of major financial networks. There’s no shortage of financial networks out there: Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc. There’s also no shortage of market pundits ready to shout to the heavens of what they believe to be the saving grace for all investors. These major financial pundits provide investors with forecasts of what the market may bring with such conviction that you wonder, maybe, just maybe, the may come true. The fact is most of these financial pundits are full of hot air, and 99 percent of their calls are wrong, although every once in a while the sun shines on a dog’s ass. I don’t pretend to know everything, but I try my best to listen to the best news sources around.

Recently, there have been a couple financial news television outlets that, in my opinion, pass muster. These financial news channels are run┬áby some of the brightest minds in finance. Neither are associated with big news conglomerates. In fact, both are online streaming services. If you’re tired of listening to the tirades of Rick Santelli or Jim Cramer, these news sources provide interviews with some of the best hedge fund managers, traders, and investors in the world.

RealVision TV is the first service that’s worth every penny. RealVision TV is backed by Raoul Pal who writes and publishes “The Global Macro Investor”, an elite macro economic and investment strategy research service for the world’s leading hedge funds, pension funds, banks and sovereign wealth funds. Raoul has 24 years experience in the financial markets working for investment banks such as Goldman Sachs (where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in equities and equity derivatives) and founding and managing a macro hedge fund for GLG Partners, one of the world’s largest hedge fund firms. New content is added at least three times a week and videos run anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Real Vision’s subscribers are traders, brokers, CEO’s, CIO’s, RIA’s, fund managers, strategists, analysts, home investors, students – essentially, the content is ideal for anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of the financial landscape and apply the knowledge they gain to their investment process. If you’re looking for an edge, this certainly isn’t a bad place to start.

Wall Street Week is the second service that connects investors to some of the great minds of wall street. This service is run by the founder of SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci. This service produces one show per week, where Mr. Scaramucci interviews some of the best investors in the world. There’s no question that the quality of information you get out of each Wall Street Week episode is better than all the financial networks combined. None of the interviewees are looking to get their names in large outlet propoganda. They enjoy the conversations they have with Mr. Scaramucci and are truly interested in what their peers have to say. The bottom line is that everyone is there to learn and provide each other with their financial expertise.

So, next time you think CNBC or Bloomberg is the gold at the end of the rainbow, think again. There are some phenomenal financial news sources that can provide the individual investor with tons of quality content.