The Hedge Fund Manager with Extraordinary Ability

Matt Peluse is the CEO of Esulep Management, a Chicago based Hedge Fund and the #1 absolute returns manager in the world. Prior to holding that position Matt was an equities and derivatives trader at a Chicago based proprietary trading firm. Matt has traded just about every market in the world and at one point was 1 percent of the volume of the markets he traded. He is an incredibly gifted investor and trader that can whittle the most complex subjects down to easy to understand tidbits. His hedge fund has won multiple prestigious awards including the Pinnacle award, Prequin award, BarclayHedge award, and was a 5-star Morningstar manager.

In this discussion, we talk about trading war stories, his approach to the financial markets, his secrets to keeping calm when under extreme duress, options as investments, the current state of the markets, and how he became the #1 absolute returns manager in the world.

Whether you’re trying to become a better financial participant, the best version of yourself, or a better business owner this episode is for you.


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Show Notes:

  • Multi-University Micro Scale Rockets Project [5:30]
  • Princeton’s eating Clubs [7:12]
  • Running a business like a business [8:45]
  • First involvement in financial markets [9:55]
  • What intrigued you about trading? [12:15]
  • The failed mentality in trading/investing [15:18]
  • What is a proprietary trading firm? [16:45]
  • How did you create your first trading strategy? [18:20]
  • Trading can eviscerate your mental conditioning [23:20]
  • Trading in the pit vs trading on the screen [25:20]
  • An example of calm under extreme duress [26:20]
  • Preparation is everything [30:45]
  • Pit trading [33:20]
  • How the financial markets worked [36:45]
  • Starting a hedge fund in 2007-2008 [39:55]
  • Address risks first [42:55]
  • Public psychology in financial markets [45:42]
  • What are you seeing in today’s markets? [51:06]
  • Why is your hedge fund different? [57:35]
  • There is no edge in financial news/information [1:01:57]
  • What is an option? [1:03:05]
  • Why do hedge funds get such a bad rap? [1:10:08]
  • How do you select a hedge fund manager? [1:13:40]
  • Rules for successful investing [1:17:21]
  • Best advice received [1:18:27]
  • Resources to further educate [1:19:28]
  • Would you change anything? [1:21:00]

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