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As a business owner, you have a million things on your plate and many times hope that you do not forget anything. Needless to say, that doesn’t always happen. Clients, payroll, expenses, invoicing, etc. are just  few things that small business owners have on their plate. For me, leveraging technology to create efficiency and keeping me on target is something that I absolutely lean on. Today, I wanted to give some semblance of what I use to keep my life in order and feel confident that I won’t forget my tasks for the day. Below are a few services that are wonderful partners to a small business owner.

1) –  If you’re a Gmail user, this technology is terrific! It seemlessly integrates with your Gmail accounts. It also has a fantastic Chrome Browser app. allows you to set follow up reminders. For instance, I may have a prospective client that I send an email to, but I want to make sure I follow up with them in one week. Well, within the email you send to the prospective client you are able to set a reminder to email him in a week. One week from that date you get an email reminding you of the same. You can also set reminders via your Chrome Browser for anything. It helps you to stay on track and remember all of your chores.

2) Alfred App – If you’re a Mac user this is a terrific way to save time on searching for files online or on your computer. It allows you to set hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips. Instead of using your mouse to navigate through the endless amount of files on your computer or online you are able to save time by programming hotkeys or keywords to pull up what you’re looking for. It saves a ton of time and angst in finding what you’re looking for quickly.

3) Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator – Facebook is a life suck. If you’re like me, one glance at the newsfeed can pull you in for time that you don’t have, sometimes at your peak production time. So, this chrome extension literally eradicates the newsfeed and in its place will replace it with an inspirational quote. It’s been a savior for time.

4) – This is a terrific free piece of software that allows the small business owner to communicate with his team via iPhone or iPad. This allows you to have a virtual office with your team. It’s an always on video portal that allows you to work alongside your co-workers throughout the day.

5) Schedule Once – As an investment advisor myself, I have quarterly reviews with my clients. I used to send emails to each individual asking what times they are available which was an onerous task. ScheduleOnce allows me to send one email to all my clients where they can then schedule a time to have their reviews. It works in tandem with your calendar.

All these services have helped me to become more efficient throughout the day. I believe it could be a time saver for anyone that uses them.

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